In addition to aesthetic qualities, Angora goat down also has other properties that are determined by its chemical composition, mechanical and physical properties. The most valuable property is hygroscopicity. Down can absorb up to 35% moisture based on its own weight (compared to cotton - approx. 8%, synthetics - 0%). This determines its high hygienic properties.

Down contains lanolin, a substance found in all antiallergic and anti-inflammatory drugs that promotes wound and fracture healing and has pain-relieving properties. Goat down does not cause allergic reactions in children or adults. Applied directly to the skin, goat down stimulates blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin and has a slightly stimulating and massaging effect on the subcutaneous nerves.

The composition of downy fibers includes 20 amino acids, the main ones are those containing sulfur - cystine, cestein, meteonin. Down has a very low thermal conductivity, which helps retain heat generated by the body. Warming treated with dry heat

Lymphadenitis, relieves rheumatic pains in the joints. With radiculitis, polyneuritis, it is recommended to tie a fluffy belt on the lower back. If you have varicose veins, it makes sense to wrap your legs with a fluffy cloth. For migraines, inflammation of the trigeminal nerve - put a fluffy hat or scarf on your head. With a cold or pneumonia, doctors recommend warming the child up by wrapping them in a fluffy scarf instead of torturing them with jars and mustard plasters.

Wearing warm underwear from fluff will help with diseases of the kidneys and pelvic organs. Goat down is a natural fiber with many advantages: it repels water but absorbs moisture, becoming warmer, warming and protecting your skin as it stores air. It is dirt-resistant, very practical and elastic to wear.

In addition, goat down does not retain moisture and does not prevent the evaporation of excess water from the skin, thanks to which clothes knitted from down yarn protect desert residents from the scorching sun.

In turn, the inhabitants of the north, dressed in downy clothes, escape from severe frosts. Clothing made of goat down is ideal for all temperature and humidity conditions of human life due to its heat-insulating properties.

The thin structure of the down knit evaporates the right amount of moisture, protects the body from overheating in the heat and hypothermia in the cold, and ensures optimal heat and moisture exchange with the environment.