Almost all of our products have the same composition: OUR CRAFTSMANSHIP

natural silk (as a base and embroidery (if any)) -15%, Natural Goat Down-85%

The basis of our products is silk thread.

Many manufacturers of fluffy things use cotton yarn as a base. Unlike them, we use silk threads, which are much stronger and therefore more reliable and durable. Therefore, due to the remarkable properties of the silk thread, our products are very durable and have a characteristic shine that gives things additional attractiveness and originality. OUR CRAFTSMANSHIP

The main component of our products is the natural goat down of purebred Angora goats, which is spun on a warp thread. Our goat down goes through multiple stages of purification and processing, resulting in excellent quality and superior quality down. Thanks to this treatment, our items never pill and therefore do not remain on clothing when worn.

The down is dyed with a special very high quality dye for wool with a special fixative, so products made from such down never leave color on the skin and clothes.

It's a miracle! This is one piece you'll always look good in, no matter what you wear underneath! And you will always be like no other! This is a light, delicate and warm work of art! Thanks master! Marina Dyusheva